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Richard Cameron Boster: Lebanon, Ohio Neo-Nazi

This article was written by Panic.

The Background

Thanks to an anonymous online leak of data and materials from influential Neo-Nazi website Iron March (where the white supremacist terror groups Attomwaffen Division, Vanguard America, and National Action formed), we begin to the work to identify hundreds of organized Neo-Nazis who seek to operate on a global scale. Jewish Worker has kindly simplified the process by creating an easy to use online platform to navigate the large database of leaked information. You may navigate to it here.

Iron March user “Sonnenrad” has been identified¬† as Richard Cameron Boster, of Lebanon, Ohio. His username is a reference to the Neo-Nazi appropriation of occult symbols before, during, and after World War II. Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the Holocaust, acquired Wewelsburg, a castle near Paderborn, Germany in 1933 where he intended to make it a center for the SS. On the floor of the generals’ hall in the castle is displayed a Sonnenrad, or black sun in English. The black sun, like many other occult symbols, has been appropriated and utilized in esoteric Nazism since at least the 1930’s, and in post-WWII Neo-Nazism since the 1950’s [source 1, source 2].

In his posts, Boster states that though he believes Jewish people are incompatible with society and that they should be dealt with, he seems to be uncertain whether that should mean¬† genocide or work camps, as if there is a difference.¬† His antisemitism is open for all to view. In the same message, he later discusses that homosexuality is a perversion that ought to be dealt with counseling, “medical intervention”, or the total exclusion from society [source].

In his introductory post on the forum he also discusses his hatred of homosexuality and miscegenation (interracial marriage) which he witnessed at his time at Marshall University.

The Iron March website is where several Neo-Nazi groups started out, including the Atomwaffen Division, a Neo-Nazi terror group that has been traced to at least five murders. On January 10th, 2018, Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division member Samuel Woodward killed Blaze Bernstein, a 19 year old Jewish student in Orange County, California[source]. Before that, Atomwaffen Division member Devon Arthurs killed several of his roommates who were also members, leading to his arrest in a smoke shop only a couple hours later [source]. This white supremacist terror group, along with several others all started organizing on Iron March.

The Trace

First, we want to note that although his IP address traces to Chicago on the forum leaks, the attached IP address is linked to Cloudfare services, which masks his real IP address. His time zone is set to Eastern though, which will become important later. The e-mail Richard used to register on the Iron March forums was “”, as revealed on his profile. The R Cameron Boster gives us a big hint towards his identity.

In his introductory post, he has a lot to say about himself [source]. He states that he was struggling with homelessness. We have found an article where Richard writes about his and his family’s experiences living in a homeless shelter [source, archive]. In the article, it is interesting to note that Richard acknowledges the help, support and kindness he and his family received while being homeless. In the Iron March post, however, we see a different side of Richard – one where he says that he pulled himself up by his bootstraps. Later in the post, he talks about graduating with a Regent of Arts degree. A quick search of his email and “regent of arts” we find that Richard earned his Associates and Bachelors in a Regents Bachelors of Arts in 2013 from Marshall University.

from Marshall University Commencement site:

From the Marshall University May 2016 graduation list

Richard Cameron Boster lives in Lebanon, Ohio. Do note that Lebanon is in the Eastern time zone, which matches Sonnenrad’s Iron March profile.

In the article where he discusses his struggles, Richard mentions his father, a practicing doctor and his hometown in Ohio. We can only assume that his father would be disappointed in his son’s hatred and vitriol.

Richard has had some court troubles, including a DUI, which was bumped down to reckless driving:


His now ex-wife left Ohio to return to West Virginia after what we can only assume to be a bitter divorce. According to her social media profiles, she seems unaware of Boster’s fascist interests and have moved on with her life. Good for her.

Cameron’s employment history seems to be mainly busting people for shoplifting around the Cincinnati area (Mall-cop fascist anyone?)

We noticed that he had a civil case in 2016 with a credit card company that ended with wage garnishment to the company Ascensus, in Mason, Ohio.

As of 2021, Richard no longer works at Ascensus so we have removed the company’s contact information but we leave the security practice reminder of not using a phone number that is tied to you personally, or by using *67 before dialing the company’s number. By his own admission, Richard Cameron Boster’s departure is a direct result of antifascist organizing. We protect us.

You may find redacted information about Richard here.

If you have any information about the fascist in this article, other fascists on Iron March or other fascists in general, including additional tips, please send them to or DM them to @discord__panic on Twitter.